Rating System

As of 8/19/14, I have updated my rating system. I wasn’t really sure I liked my old one so I stripped it and made a new system. So here it is!



I absolutely loved this book. If there were flaws, I did not see them. I will shove this book in your face if I get the chance.



This book was great. I may have noticed a few flaws but they didn’t take anything away from the rest of the book. I would still recommend this one.



This book was good. I don’t think someone should leave their specific genre to read this one. I would recommend it if someone asked for this particular genre/this type of book.



I got through it and it was okay. I probably would not recommend this though.



Do not ask me about this book. If a book has a one star, I probably won’t review it.




Half star. Somewhere in between the two full stars.

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