5 comments on “Review: Fangirl

  1. I borrowed this one from the library a while back, didn’t get around to it and returned it… I think I should probably get it back and read it…. I was a fangirl of various things when I was younger… and my love of reading started as a love of fanfiction… embarrassing as it is to admit. Thanks for the review, it just made my tbr pile again

    • It’s really good! You should definitely read it. I think I would have liked it better if I was connected to Harry Potter but I’m not so I just didn’t connect with Simon Snow

      • I have a dirty secret – I read the Harry Potter books as a child, remembered enjoying them, re-read the first three as an adult, and hated them. But I’m hoping I can connect anyway – I have fangirled other books during my years

      • I’m really trying to get myself to read them since I feel like the last person to ever read them, but I’m almost 21 and those books are for middle school age. I just feel like I won’t be able to relate AT ALL. I want to like it but just don’t know if I will.

      • So many adults do enjoy them – as evidenced by nearly all book blogs… maybe try the first one and see what you think – you don’t need to commit to reading them all! I didn’t relate to them, I hardly touch childrens or YA books, so for me it was a long shot, but it would be interesting to see if you do like them or not

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