6 comments on “Top Ten Tuesday: May 27

  1. Nice list. My cousin read Kiss the Girls aloud to her sister and me on a long drive. We drove through Raleigh, NC on that trip and we all refused to stop the car, even though we all needed a potty break, because we were so freaked out by the book!
    I love the Stephanie Plum mysteries, but my husband won’t let me read them I bed anymore because I laugh too much. 😛
    My list:

    • Tell your husband that is RUDE. They are such awesome books, I love them.

      Ahhh yeah Kiss The Girls is not the best book to read when you are going through that town. Such an awesome book though. Did you like it?

      • Haha! He probably thinks it’s rude for my laughter to wake him up. 😜
        Oh yeah, she hadn’t finished the book when we got home, so I read the end on my own. I read a bunch of that series, but eventually they got too dark for me. I got really wimpy after I had kids. 😧

      • I’m only five books in and yeah they are really dark and heavy matter, but so good. I love Alex and his kids and grandma. Patterson is an awesome writer. I am definitely finishing the series. 🙂

    • Thanks! Dark Places will be at the top of my list at the end of the year as well. It’s just TOO good. I find myself actually missing the characters, is that weird? It ended as great as it could have ended and I’m still like “I WANT MORE”

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