2 comments on “To The Nines- review

  1. I wish I could take credit for Babe/Cupcake labels, but I totally snagged that from back when I was on Janet’s site all the time.
    Bahaha. Oh, if only you knew how long she drags them out.
    I LOVE THIS BOOK. And it makes me so happy that you did, too! You made such excellent points. A lot of times in SP books, I honestly don’t even care about the mystery. It’s just there as a background for the characters for me. But this one has it all. An interesting plot (and intense! I know exactly which scene you’re talking about) and so so SO many laughs. And I love how she goes through the employees.
    I’m now going into Stephanie Plum withdrawal. Must remedy this soon.
    Fabulous review! 😀

    • I have actually read 15, 17, and 19 so I am aware they are dragged out AND I LOVE IT. But I’m glad you like the review! This book was seriously fabulous. And it made me want to go back to my house and bring all of them to the boyfriend’s (which I am definitely doing at the end of the month)

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