9 comments on “BoutofBooks day 3 recap

  1. Ohh, To the Nines! That’s my favorite of the Plum books. Of course, that’s probably because it was the first one I read. Back in the day, I picked it up randomly from a hospital bookshelf when I needed something to read. It made my LIFE when I discovered a few weeks later that it was a series. Anyway. I seem to be rambling. I hope you enjoy it!
    Happy reading!

    • Rambling is totally okay! I read High Five first and then some of the newer ones and now going back to read them in order! Which other ones have you read?

      • I’ve read all of them except for Takedown Twenty. I can even ramble off the list of titles in order. Comes in handy in my line of work (bookstore & library), haha. You’re making me go into withdrawals here! I’ll definitely pick up 20 soon.

      • I work in a library too!! What do you do? Isnt it awesome? I am still working my way through but I own most of them. I can’t wait to read all of them

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